Asset Aggregation

Cloud Managed

All cameras and sensors are managed
by one Cloud-based system.

Minimal Setup

Works with any camera or sensor manufacturer minimizing setup complexity.


Map-based navigation makes it easy to
locate assets anywhere in the world.

Custom Settings Configuration

Easily configure camera settings (streaming quality, bit rate/frame rate, etc) from one easy to use portal.

System Analytics

User History

Know who is logging in and viewing any camera in the system in real-time.

Historical Reporting

Run historical reports on system usage.

System Health Visibility

Know system health like battery voltage, current draw + more.

Real-time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of all network hardware.

Powerful API

Simple 3rd Party Integration

Easily integrate LiveView video streams into any 3rd party website.

Retrieve Sensor Data

Easily retrieve sensor data with various search criteria.

Public and Private Streams

Supports public access to video streams as well as secured access to video streams requiring user authentication.

Friendly Programming Compatibilities

API based on JSON RPC standards for easy programming methodologies.