State of the art security.

The D3 Edge Security Platform is always watching. It never goes on break. Avoid the expense and human error of physical security guards and rely on the always-on, simple, and cost-effective alternative.

Partner with the best.

No other security surveillance and deterrence solution offers the same combination of advanced hardware, intelligent software, secure access anywhere, and professional maintenance — which makes LiveView Technologies a valuable partner for security services organizations looking to differentiate their businesses with uniquely capable and affordable video surveillance solutions

Integrated ecosystem.

When you partner with LiveView Technologies, you tap into an integrated ecosystem of capabilities, knowledge, and expertise — all focused on providing the world’s most effective video surveillance solutions.


  • One Stop A to Z solution
  • Thermal Camera Detection
  • 2-Way Speaker Communication
  • Cloud Based
  • Communication Link Management
  • 24/7 Video Recording
  • Monitoring & Onsite Response
  • Automated Alerts
  • Easy To Use
  • Infrared
  • iOS & Android Apps
  • Flood Lights
  • Live Streaming Video via Cellular & Satellite
  • Low Maintenance

  • Mobile Solar Security Trailer

    • Mobility At It’s Finest
    • Remote Locations
    • Self-sufficient Power Management
    • Rapid Deployment
  • Permanent Pole

    • Exceed Federal High-Wind Ratings
    • R37 Foot Concrete Pole
    • 340 Degree Field of View with Full PTZ Control
    • Easy Maintenance – No Bucket Lift Required
  • Plug & Play

    • AC Power
    • Streaming Video
    • 360 Degree field of View with Full PTZ Control
    • Mounts on Any Building or Structure
  • Command Center

    • System always available, up-to-date, and secure
    • Cloud-based
    • Works seamlelssly with the D3 Security Platform and D3 Security Edge Systems
    • Reduces Alert Fatigue